Friday, January 20, 2012

Card Verse of Encouragement to Anyone!

We sometimes want to make and give a card to someone to Encourage them, to inspire them, to nudge them along with whatever they're working, a project, work, or dealing with an obstacle.
Here is a Great Verse for FREE that You can put inside one of your little "works of art," maybe even on a poster, or silk screen!

Since we never know, how many days we
each have left...Make Today Count!

Tell your loved ones that you love them!
Let your friends know how important they are to you!
Have at least one awesome meal!
Do a couple of random acts of kindness!
Be productive, in case you have tens of thousands of

more days ahead of you!
Contribute to making the world a better place!
Brighten someone else's day!
Be kind to others...even strangers!
Live today as if it were your last!
Choose Happiness & Success!


Please Note: If you want to make a lot of these cards, and you want to sell them at a church bazaar, an art festival, inside a little shop, online, or something of the sort...that's fine, but maybe you could please consider sending us one or two as a gift! You can e-mail us for a mailing address, and you are likely to get a "gift" in return! Thanks!

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