Sunday, January 29, 2012

Free Greeting Card Verses Make The World Go Round!

"Free Greeting Card Verses Make The World Go Round!"
- Father Time 

There is a fabulous quote from me, that can go into the record books, and I will be happy to explain this statement in more detail...

A young man, is interested in a young woman, and because of the sluggish economy, he does not have a load of money, but he can afford to buy her a single flower, because they sell them almost everywhere, these days.

Then when he gets home, with the full tank of gas, and the rose from the convenience store, and he is about to get ready for his date, he thinks to himself..."Hmmm, should I give her a card? Maybe...I should just make a card for her!?"

Then he takes a sheet of paper, folds it in half...twice, grabs a colorful marker from the kitchen drawer where mom keeps all the Office Supplies, and then he gets online, and finds some Great & Free Greeting Card Verses Like These!

He makes a card, and later when he gives the girl the flower and the card, she is so impressed...especially because of the homemade card, that they start dating, they fall in love, they eventually get married and have a family, and they contribute to making the world a better place!

Since they have to work to buy a house, cars, food, and so forth...they are forced to learn a skill, if they hadn't already, and this creates jobs for teachers, employers, training personnel, et cetera...and the car they buy, had to be built by someone, and sold by someone, and the same goes for the house...and the furnishings.

So their marriage, causes the economy to be stimulated, all because they fell in love, and it all started because of that homemade card with the free greeting card verse!

When their kids get a little older, their mommy teaches them to make handmade greeting cards, because it is a fun, and productive hobby. She goes to a craft store and buys paper, glue, scissors, glitter, ribbons, and such...and this also creates jobs and stimulates the economy...and one day those little kids will be grown, and they will win someone's heart, by giving them a nice, heart-felt, handmade greeting card!

So, you see, greeting card verses make the world go round...OR...they at least make the ride worthwhile!

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