Monday, January 16, 2012

Free Greeting Card Verses That Anyone Can Use!

As You Can See...Here We Have...Free Greeting Card Verses That Anyone Can Use! Please tell a few friends, and your fellow Card-Making Hobbyists!

We have been writing greeting card verses for ages, and now we feel like sharing some great verses with those who make their own handmade, homemade cards! There is no cost or obligation, and you can share this secret that you've found...with others! They'll appreciate it, and we'll appreciate it, and it's Good Karma for You!

We also have a blog of Positive and Encouraging Advice...

We like to cheer people up, one way or another, and it is also great to encourage, inspire, motivate, and empower others! Inspirational writing can do it, good quotes from famous people can do it, and a nicely made greeting card can certainly do it! You will really brighten someone's day when you make a card for, it is a fun hobby!

After all YOU can do anything that you make up your mind to do...we all can!

Have a Great Day and Keep making those cards!

Father Time & Jennifer are self-help writers and speakers, as well, and they also have a Daily Motivational e-mail Message Service, and YOU Can Get a Free Subscription!

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