Monday, January 9, 2012

Really Fabulous, Awesome, Fantastic Greeting Card Verse For Friendship! FREE Friendship Card Verse YOU Can Use!

Friendship Verse

This is My all time most favorite of all the verses I have ever written, and YOU can use it for free!

Don't say that we're "only" friends...

Friends are more important than...
Money, romance, business, success, or fame.

Friends can appreciate your creativity,
They can share your visions, hopes, and dreams.

They can enjoy your music, your movies, your books.
They can support you when you need it, or listen to you when you need to blow steam!

Friends can enjoy your company, any time or any place.
They can read you and understand you, sometimes completely.

A friend can always be counted upon, even when most others cannot.
They are always available and willing.

Rather than say "we're only friends," say;
We ARE friends...fabulously, fantastically, and forever!

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