Friday, January 6, 2012

Where Can I Get Free Greeting Card Verses? Card Making Is My Hobby!

Did YOU Ask..."Where Can I Get Free Greeting Card Verses?" Have You Proclaimed..."Card Making Is My Hobby!"

These days, millions of people enjoy making their own handmade greeting cards, and this has become a very popular hobby, for a large variety of reasons.

It is certainly therapeutic to make homemade cards, it saves a person lots of money, and some folks may even sell their creations to earn a little extra cash.

Although there are many artistic people who create amazing cards...some of them might be at a "loss for words," in terms of what to write inside some of these cards that they create!

We, as greeting card verse writers, have decided that in 2012, it would be good karma to share some verses with those of you who make your own cards.

Feel free to scroll through these posts, and use these card verses however you wish, with the exception of commercially mass produced cards.

Come back often, and see new and exciting card verses, subscribe for free, if you wish, and please tell a friend!

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