Monday, February 27, 2012

There Are So Many FREE Little Niceties Found Online! Such As Greeting Card Verses!

You must know by now...that there are So Many FREE Little Niceties Found Online! Such as Greeting Card Verses, Recipes, and Other Delightful Things!

Hello Everyone, Jennifer here, and I wanted to extend an invitation to YOU, to visit a brand new Corner of the Website, where I have some various fun and interesting miscellany...

You Can Click Here To See It, and feel free to bookmark that page, and please tell a few friends, that is...of course, if you like what you see there!

Life is too short to deny ourselves the "simple pleasures," and sometimes the simple pleasures are found in a fun, new recipe, or a tidbit of happy thoughts.

Keep Spreading Good Karma, and Keep sending those Greeting Cards!


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