Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awesome & Free Friendship Greeting Card Verse I Can Use?

Did you ask about an "Awesome & Free Friendship Greeting Card Verse I Can Use?"

Here is a really great Greeting Card Verse that YOU can use, and there are many more where this came from...

In my life, I’ve had a few good friends.
I’ve also had a few friends that were actually just
Acquaintances …some okay…some not-so-okay.
There have been neighbors and co-workers that I hardly
Had the chance to know, and others that I didn’t want to know.
Of course, as a child there were sometimes those…
You know the type…we were “bestest” friends.
Of all the friends I’ve had; good, bad, or in between,
You’re probably the greatest I’ve ever had!

Thank You for always being there for me,
And thanks for always knowing what to say.
Thanks for not judging me, or putting me down,
And for always being someone I can depend on.
Most of all, thanks for being my “bestest” friend!

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