Monday, March 12, 2012

We Give Away FREE Greeting Card Verses!

Why Do WE Give Away FREE Greeting Card Verses!?

It is Good Karma!
Doing something nice for others, even complete strangers, is a great way to spread good karma. We could all use to do some more of that!

Many People Make Homemade Greeting Cards!
And although they make some beautiful Works of Art from a creative standpoint, we know that some folks are at a "loss for words," when it comes to what to write inside the cards.

We Enjoy Brightening People's Days!
Giving a nice greeting card to someone, will brigthen their day, whether it is store-bought, or handmade...and if we can provide an artistic person or hobbyist with a great verse, we can have a small hand in making the person smile, who receives the card. It is almost like a Pay It Forward kind of thing!

We Genuinely Enjoy Writing Greeting Card Verses!
And just because our Greeting Card Publisher may choose to pass over a few of our wonderful verses, we like them enough that we feel they should be shared and enjoyed by someone!

Maybe a Few People Will Visit Our Website!
Let's face it, everyone, and needs visitors and potential customers, and one way to attract these, is by offering useful content to others.

Over there, we also have a Free Daily Motivational e-mail Message Service that you might like!

Plus...You Never Know!
Maybe somewhere out there, there is a lady or gentleman with tons of money, and no family, and they love to make arts & crafts, and especially paper crafts, scrapbooks, and greeting cards, and they will one day give us a gift for helping them to make the days of others!

So, those are a few reasons why we give away free greeting card verses!

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