Friday, June 22, 2012

A Novel Way To Give A Cash Gift!

Here Is A Unique & Novel Way To Give A Cash Gift!

So, you are in the gift giving mode, and you need gifts for a few friends or loved ones? A few of the people on your list want a certain item that you can get at the store, or better can order it online!

In 2010, there were 172 million Americans who did some online shopping! They are smart people, because there are many great deals by shopping online!

Anyway, there are a couple of people who you want to give cash to, as a gift! Your fifteen year old son is saving money to buy a new bicycle, or your daughter just graduated from college, and you want to reward don't just write them a check!

Use a more novel and Unique Way To Give Cash Gifts! Picutre this: your son, daughter, spouse, or whomever it is...opens a wrapped present, to reveal a small cardboard box, and the outside of the box is plastered with the images of dollar bills.

Maybe they reached into a green gift bag, with green tissue paper, and pulled out this same box, and maybe it is at a party surrounded by friends and family. The box says Money Machine, and there is a Tab that says Pull Here.

The gift recipient starts to pull on the tab, and out comes Paper Money...Real Dollar Bills, or fives, tens, twenties...whatever YOU got at the bank and put inside there yourself!

When you get the Roll Of Bills - Gift Box, it comes with a roll of removable tape, and you can get a pack of fifty One Dollar Bills at the bank, and tape them end to end, so that you can load them into the box.

You can even add in a few bills of a larger denomination, if you wish! Or you can load it will all larger bills if you wish, it is entirely up to all depends on your budget, and just how much of a gift you want to give!

The gift recipient will have so much fun pulling and pulling on this seemingly endless Roll Of Bills and everyone present will have a few laughs and it makes for a memorable time! It will be the life of the party and people will talk about it for weeks! The person who receives the gift will never forget it!

We have several of these awesome "boxes" available, and if you want to purchase a few, please let us know, and we can send you a photo via e-mail, and the prices. Then we can mail them to you if you want to obtain a few.

Keep making those greeting cards, and keep spreading that Good Karma!

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