Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Thoughts To Put Inside Homemade Greeting Cards!

Here are some Happy Thoughts to Put Inside Homemade Greeting Cards!

Stop and smell the flowers.

Be kind to strangers.

Listen empathetically.

See everything you do as a piece of art.

Well-spoken words will bear fruit.

Get to work early.

Do more than what is expected from you.

Go for a drive in the country with a loved one.

Practice loving-kindness.

Soak in a hot bath before bedtime, at least once in a while.

Stop worrying, and start living.

Steady your Karma through meditation.

When you have angry feelings, do not act on them…wait a while.

Protect family heirlooms.

Try to be balanced in everything you do.

Buy and Read an Agricultural or Farmer’s Almanac.

Practice being a better listener.

When trying to make a decision, get out a piece of paper and write down your thoughts or even the “pros” & “cons.”

Before eating, ask yourself if you are truly hungry.

Resist the urge to do too much at once.

Don’t eat while watching TV or working on the computer. Relax and enjoy your meal.

Treat yourself to dinner at a nice restaurant.

See any challenge from a different angle.

Direct your future.

Throw out a bad memory.

Buy and cook fresh food whenever you can.

Learn CPR.

Say hello to people in an elevator.

Have the flexibility to make corrections mid-course.

Love thy neighbor as thyself.

See the world around you as a friendly place.

Be moderate in your views and thoughts.

Take a wedding invitation and have it framed as a gift to the couple.

Keep your eyes open for good things.

Fill a notebook with positive quotes.

Choose water over other beverages until it becomes habit.

Use a kitchen scale and learn reasonable portions.

Try harder.

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