Saturday, August 11, 2012

Christmas Card Making Hobbyists: Plan Ahead!

Christmas Cards? Christmas Presents? Card Making Enthusiasts? Plan ahead and start making those Christmas Cards early!

Card making is a fun and exciting hobby, and more people get into it every week! There are so many great papers, ribbons, glues and glitters, and everything else you can think of, out there, in the craft stores and hobby shops. There are people who make all sorts of "works of art," but they sometimes do not know what to write inside!

As writers of greeting card verses, we set up this website to give away FREE Greeting Card Verses to Anyone who wants to use them for personal use. Even if you make a small supply of handmade cards to sell at an arts and crafts fair or church bazaar, you can use our verses!

We have a Booklet Seen Here of Wonderful Christmas Card Verses for a very small price! If you love to make cards, and you love Christmas, you will love these verses!

Happy Holidays!

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