Monday, September 3, 2012

Christmas Card Verse For Free For Those Who Make Handmade Christmas Cards!

Here is a Christmas Card Verse for Free for Those Who Make Handmade Christmas Cards!

Card making is a fun and exciting hobby, and when you plan ahead, time-wise, you can make all the Christmas Cards that you will need...

Here is a general Christmas Card verse you can use:

Christmastime is almost Here,
Everyone's favorite time of Year.

Just wanted to send you some Holiday Cheer,
And let you know that we think you're Dear.

Happy Holidays and do not fear,
We want you to join us for some wine or a beer.

And along with the Christmas cheer,
We'll have a toast to the end of the year!

We also have a very inexpensive booklet of awesome Christmas Card Verses for Everyone on your Card list! You will love it!

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