Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Free Greeting Card Verses!

That's right...Free Greeting Card Verses!

We have been taking a much needed break from blogging for the first time in many years, but if you scroll through these pages, you will find lots of great greeting card verses that you can use for free!

Making handmade and homemade greeting cards usually mean so much more to people, rather than store-bought cards, and certainly more than e-cards!

Card Making is a wonderful hobby, and it can be quite therapeutic...it can help conquer loneliness or boredom, it can be good for your dexterity and motor-skills, and it can brighten the days of other people, when you give them a card, and the card makes them smile.

Some folks can even earn a few dollars by making cards and then selling them to others, whether online at a website such as Etsy.com or even face-to-face, to people in your town!

Our Free Greeting Card Verses can even be used if you are an Arts & Crafts person who sells your creations in small quantities, in just such a venue. Maybe you can please send us a card, if you make several of the same one, for resale. We can provide a mailing address, and are also likely to send you a gift in return!

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