Monday, December 10, 2012

How Can I Get Negative Items Removed From My Credit Bureau File?

How Can I Get Negative Items Removed From My Credit Bureau File?
by Jennifer Juniper

When people have sloppy credit, lousy credit, or even bad credit, it might be thanks in part to their own actions, and/or partially because of a mistake on someone else's part, or a combination of the two. I am not an attorney, not am I an expert in credit matters and credit counseling, however, I do write articles that point to interesting websites, and one such website has a booklet that can supposedly help someone get negative items removed from their credit bureau files.

Of course there are NO real guarantees in this life, and information such as this, is usually sold for entertainment and informational purposes only, but it just might be worth a shot to try, because if a person with sloppy or bad credit were to get just one or two things removed from their file, it would probably raise the credit score, at least a little. Having your creditscore go up, even a little, must be of some help... at least you would think so.

I have heard it said that according to The Fair Credit Reporting Act, if someone were to challenge something on their credit report, the agency has to either verify the corectness of the information in question, OR delete it. So, perhaps there are people out there who challenge several items, and because the credit reporting agency is too busy, or cannot verify all of the information, some of it actually does get deleted.

Of course, if you or anyone needs legal advice, an attorney should be consulted. These days there are some of our fellow Americans who like to try this or that, and they try to do things on their own. It seems as though writing some simple letters to some credit reporting agencies, is worth a try, and may not require spending money, other than on the postage, envelopes, paper, and ink.

Bring Creditors & Credit Bureaus To Their Knees is the name of the booklet, which contains a collection of 17 powerful letters that a person can use, to attempt to accomplish their goal. In most cases, they can just fill-in their own name, address, and other information. An old adage comes to mind..."You never know until you try."

There are many other interesting materials found at the same website, and most people will want to "bookmark" the site, or add it to their favorites, and also tell a friend or two, because we all know someone who is also struggling with the way things are!

Things today seem very topsy-turvy, and we all need to try some different approaches to the way we work, play, handle our money, and also the way in which we live.

Good Luck & Many Blessings!

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