Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Poem About Gambling And Winning: A Fun Greeting Card Verse!

If you are making a card for someone, and you plan to give them some lottery tickets as a gift, then here's a great verse that you can put into the card.


I want to win, I need the money.
Want to win for the sake of my "honey."
We could use some things; nice and new,
Lately our shopping trips have been too few.

I suppose that YOU also want to win,
And I wish you the best, as one of your kin.
Here's a blessing, hope it helps you,
It would be nice to see you have more money, too!


Alternatively, you may want to give them, as a gift, a cool book that gives loads of lottery number predictions. In a sluggish economy, and when you have to limit yourself to a ten dollar gift, or less, then that is a great gift idea! Maybe a Wonderful Winning Lottery Numbers Selection Guidebook & Almanac is the ideal gift for some people on your gift list!

Have fun, and we hope YOU win, and we also hope your gift recipient wins too!

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