Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy, Happy Valentine's Day! Free Card Verses For Last Minute Card Makers!

If you did not buy a card, then you can make one, but you had better hurry!

Fold a big piece of paper in half, then in half again... On the front you can either (A) Draw something, (B) Glue a photo, or an image from a magazine, or (C) You can print something from the Internet, and cut it with scissors, and glue it to the front.

Inside, you can either (A) Write something, or (B) Print out something, cut it with scissors, and glue it inside.

Here are some last minute thoughts of what you might write:

My Love, My Wife,
You are My Life.

Happily married to thee,
For all Eternity!

(This is a "wife" verse, because only a "man" would forget about Valentine's Day, and/or wait until the last minute!)

I may not tell you enough,
But you know that I love you!

When I got you this great gift today,
There was a really long line at the
Greeting Card store!

So, I decided to make you a card instead!

Happy Valentine's Day!

(This will only work, if you did, in fact, get her a really great gift!)

Happy Valentine's Day
To My Friend & Lover!  (You can delete "& Lover" if it's for a friend.)

You Are The Greatest
And I Just Wanted You To Know!

(That can be from anyone, to anyone, except of course a casual acquaintance or co-worker.)

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