Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Make a Valentine's Day Card by Hand... Your Partner Will LOVE It!

Make a Homemade Valentine's Day Card by Hand... Your Partner Will LOVE It!

Just use a little creativity, and a little glue, glitter, colorful paper, ribbon, and you can create a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise!

Here are some "verses" that you can use inside your handmade cards with expressions of love...

My Love,
My Life,
Where would I be without you?

My world begins and ends with you!
I am eternally happy to be your partner on this ride!


You are the one,
Who changed my world,
How can I tell you,
What you mean to me?

Every day I am thankful,
When I think about the love we share!


Thanks for loving me,
And for making my life complete!

Please note that verses do not always have to rhyme, just as there are many poems that do not rhyme. Also, it is sometimes better to make the verse short and sweet.

You may use these verses, as well as the verses found elsewhere on this blog, however you wish, and for FREE. It's our gift to you, and it's Good Karma for us!

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