Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Need Good Luck! Can The Full Moon Help Me?

Anyone who seriously practices the magical arts, can take the opportunity of the Full Moon to really empower and magnify their spells, rituals, chants, candle-lighting, and any other magical, mystical tasks.

The Full Strawberry Moon, also known as the Full Rose Moon, will occur late on Thursday night on the west coast of the USA, and just after midnight on Friday morning in the east. This is a great time for those of us who help others with a bit of white magic, love attracting rituals, money attracting spells, and so forth!

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Our Other Blog Seen Here is where you can submit a donation or "gift" if you have a spell or ritual request, to be performed on the night of the full moon! Then email the request to us, at the website, on the Contact Us page!

Use The Law Of Attraction, think positive, and expect good things to happen to you!


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