Monday, July 17, 2017

Helping A Nice Older Lady Sell Some Of Her Magnificent Handmade Note Cards!

Did YOU Ask... Where To Get Great Handmade Note Cards?

There's an elderly lady in Colorado, who apparently earns
money by making and selling these delightful and beautiful notecards through the mail!

There's no website, no email, no telephone, but I sent her a $20 bill in cash for 16 Nature Note Cards and I could not be happier about the package that I just received! They look adorable and they're perfect for jotting a quick note inside.

The cards are white card stock, about 4" x  5 1/2" in size,
and they come with nice white envelopes, and on the front, they each have a variety of
dried, but very pretty flower petals and/or leaves, and they are simply wonderful!

If YOU need some really great notecards then please order some, send $20 cash or
money order to:

Rose's Note Cards
2002 Otter Pond Circle
Montrose, CO 81401

and tell her you want 16 Nature Note Cards... you will love
them and it's Good Karma to help support self-employed
entrepreneurs! The lady does not even know me, and is
not our customer, but I felt like telling you all about her!

Alternatively, you can request 16 Oil Originals (I have no idea what they look like) or you can get 8 and 8. That $20 includes the postage. Actually, a package of 8 makes an awesome gift to give someone you know who often buys and sends cards to others! So, you can double or triple the order if you wish; 32 cards for $40, or 48 cards for $60... you won't be disappointed!

IF you do not know what to write inside the blank cards,
or any blank cards for that matter, we've written a wonderful
booklet that is featured on our website, and it's called...
Love & Friendship Greeting Card Verses You Can Use! and YOU should order a copy, even if you don't order the
note cards from Rose, but I hope you will order BOTH!

Many Blessings!

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