Thursday, October 26, 2017

Make Your Own Greeting Cards... We Have FREE Greeting Card Verses That YOU Can Use However You Want!

The popular hobby of making your own homemade, handmade greeting cards has become more popular than ever before. Making greeting cards is a fun, exciting, and therapeutic activity.

These days there are tons of books and magazines about making your own greeting cards, but many people do not know what to write inside these cards that they make.

We are solving that problem for some folks by providing you with greeting card verses that you may use however you wish! Many people make one of a kind cards to give to friends and loved ones, but some folks make several of each card to sell at a farmer's market, flea market, church bazaar, or even online through a website such as Etsy.

Even if you sell a few cards for profit, you can still use our Free Greeting Card Verses, but maybe you can please send us a copy of the card for the thrill of us seeing our words used in your artistic creation. On our website you will find a mailing address where the cards can be sent. Thanks in advance for that!

Making cards is fun, and the cards certainly brighten the day of those people to whom you give the cheerful words. Look around here on our blog to find many card verses that you can use however you want!

Have fun and keep up the card making!

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